Since 1966, the professionals at Gus Bates Insurance & Investments have helped guide clients to make smart choices in an increasingly complicated world. The roots of our company are like the roots of Fort Worth, at the very core of our success is a relentless determination to treat people just as we would want our own family to be treated. Trustworthy. Honest. Knowledgeable. Kind. Each is a cornerstone that defines who we are as a company. Our client relationships span generations. In the more than 40 years since Gus Bates, III started this company, we have enhanced our offerings to include a comprehensive range of services including employee benefits, retirement planning, supplemental insurance, property & casualty and personal lines insurance.


    At Gus Bates Insurance & Investments, our mission is to maximize the options available in order to creatively help businesses, families, and individuals protect their interests in the areas of health, education and financial well-being. Our team approaches every situation with a positive and professional attitude that reflects our commitment to achieving your individual and professional goals.


      Gus Bates Insurance & Investments was founded in 1966 by Gus Bates, III. Since the beginning, we’ve focused on building relationships with clients and the community and have been hailed for the integrity and dedication of its employees. Over the years, Gus Bates has grown to offer clients a wide range of services including employee benefits, retirement planning, supplemental insurance, property & casualty and personal lines insurance

      Our Team

      Please select one of the above divisions for contact information for each of our team members.

      Or contact our office for general inquiries:


      Gus Bates Insurance & Investments

      2409 Forest Park Blvd

      Fort Worth, TX 76110

      Phone: 817.335.9547



      Gus Bates III

      817.529.5321 susan@gusbates.com

      Gus S. Bates

      817.529.5318 gus@gusbates.com

      Matt Morris

      President 817.529.5325 matt@gusbates.com

      Justin Phipps

      Vice President 817.529.5311 justin@gusbates.com

      Cammie Nowell

      Vice President 817.529.5323 cammie@gusbates.com

      Chris Hamilton

      Senior Consultant 817.529.5354 chris@gusbates.com

      Gary Lewis

      Employee Benefits Consultant 817.529.5326 gary@gusbates.com

      Mark Grace

      Employee Benefits Consultant 817.529.5353 mark@gusbates.com


      Account Management & Service Team

      Tara Daniels

      New Business Manager 817.529.5313 tara@gusbates.com

      Megan Lewis

      Senior Account Manager 817.529.5327 megan@gusbates.com

      Michelle Turner

      Senior Account Manager 817.529.5349 michellet@gusbates.com

      Shara Coufal

      Senior Account Manager 817.529.5351 shara@gusbates.com

      Sylvia Uranga

      Senior Account Manager 817.529.5314 sylvia@gusbates.com

      Natalie Cooper

      Senior Account Manager 817.529.5331 natalie@gusbates.com

      April Harris

      Claims Specialist 817.529.5328 april@gusbates.com

      Stephanie Linch

      Account Manager 817.529.5333 stephanie@gusbates.com

      Megan Hanagan

      Assistant Account Manager 817.529.5352 meganh@gusbates.com

      Olivia Cummings

      Assistant Account Manager 817.529.5319 olivia@gusbates.com

      Elizabeth Valdez

      Assistant Account Manager 817.529.5316 elizabeth@gusbates.com


      Wellness Team

      Ryley Cormack

      Wellness Coordinator 817.529.5357 ryley@gusbates.com



      Michael Moore

      Vice President 817.529.5320 michael@gusbates.com

      Russ Morris

      Senior Consultant 817.529.5312 russ@gusbates.com

      Juli Willmott

      Senior Account Manger 817.529.5315 juli@gusbates.com

      Kathy Roosz

      Senior Account Manager 817.529.5340 kathyr@gusbates.com

      Chanda Yim

      Account Manager 817.529.5356 chanda@gusbates.com

      Dana Guinn

      Account Specialist 817.529.5304 dana@gusbates.com

      Jessica Uranga

      Assistant Account Manager 817.529.5348 jessica@gusbates.com

      Guy Young

      Risk Manager & HR Consultant 817.529.5339 guy@gusbates.com



      Anna Pamplin

      Senior Consultant 817.529.5347 anna@gusbates.com

      Elizabeth Link

      Account Manager 817.529.5346 elizabethl@gusbates.com


      Kip Adams

      Managing Director 817.529.5336 kip@gusbates.com

      Susan Blassingame

      Account Manager 817.529.5335 susanb@gusbates.com

      Victoria Smaldone

      Retirement Plan Services 817.529.5308 victoria@gusbates.com


      David Fisher

      Voluntary Benefits Consultant 817.529.5338 fisher@gusbates.com

      Kathy Rawls

      Voluntary Benefits Specialist 817.529.5341 kathy@gusbates.com

      Jim DeLeon

      Enrollment Specialist 817.529.5404 jim@gusbates.com


      Health & Welfare

      Gus Bates III

      Individual Product Consultant 817.529.5321 susan@gusbates.com

      Paul Faidley

      Individual Product Consultant 817.529.5337 paul@gusbates.com

      Stephanie Linch

      Individual Health Consultant 817.529.5333 stephanie@gusbates.com

      Susan Whitby

      817.529.5322 susan@gusbates.com

      Linda Berry

      817.529.5358 linda@gusbates.com

      Brenda Benthall

      817.529.5324 brenda@gusbates.com


      Property & Casualty

      Anna Pamplin

      Personal Lines Director 817.529.5347 anna@gusbates.com

      Elizabeth Link

      Account Manager 817.529.5346 elizabethl@gusbates.com

        Community Outreach

        Organizations We Support:

        Founded upon the values and beliefs of Gus Bates III, we’ve always believed in giving back to the community whenever possible. All of our employees contribute throughout the year to various charities and philanthropic organizations both financially and by donating their time.

        Below is a sample of the organizations we currently support:

          Professional Organizations

          At Gus Bates, all our employees are involved in numerous industry organizations. We encourage this for many reasons. By playing active roles in these organizations, we’re able to stay on the cutting edge of changes within the insurance and investments industry. As always, we strive to provide the best service possible to all clients, and keeping up-to-date with recent tax and legislative changes each month helps us do just that.