Retirement and Investment

Retirement Plan Services

GUS BATES provides a broad range of comprehensive retirement options that will help give you and your employees a sense of confidence about their future. Our investment team will strive to design and implement the optimal solution for your firm. We provide fiduciary consulting and oversight, employee education and individual investment counseling and day to day assistance with administering your retirement plans. We continually monitor the plan’s investment performance and will keep you updated on compliance and legislative changes.

It's always the right time to start retirement planning.


Assessing plan design and vendor selection is an important first step. The professionals at GUS BATES Insurance & Investments begin working with clients by reviewing their current plan design and investment platform. We help clients handle the complexities of complying with ERISA requirements to help ensure that they satisfy duties under the law that pertains to employee employer sponsored retirement plans.

We also guide clients through the different types of plans and different plan providers by reviewing plan expenses and negotiating vendor fees to arrange fair pricing for the value they receive. The professionals at GUS BATES work with clients through the RFP and candidate selection process by preparing due diligence reports for vendor comparison.

Investment Platform

An Investment Policy Statement is the roadmap to navigating investment decisions. The professionals at GUS BATES Insurance & Investments will help formalize an Investment Policy Statement for clients by creating one or updating existing policies.

Using the Investment Policy Statement, we recommend an appropriate investment platform and document all due diligence. We can also coordinate with clients to help establish an investment review process that is aimed to comply with Department of Labor “Best Practices”.


GUS BATES Insurance & Investments works with our clients to ease the administrative burden of plan administration. Our advisory team performs continual investment performance monitoring and delivers due diligence reports to clients. We also provide fiduciary reviews and recommendations.

The professionals at GUS BATES analyze plan documents and educate clients about legislative changes and other guidelines issued by the Department of Labor. In addition, we keep detailed records of meeting minutes for all of our clients.

Services for participants

GUS BATES Insurance & Investments is committed to employee education. Whether conducting classroom investment education or providing risk or date based asset allocation models, we provide the tools and individualized attention required to help ensure that employees are able to make well-informed investment decisions. The professionals at GUS BATES provides in-person and telephonic individual investment counsel.

We also schedule enrollment meetings for plan participants that can be conducted on a one-to-one or group basis. If participants are terminated or retire, our team offers consulting services to help ensure that their financial planning needs are still met.


Individual Investments – GUS BATES understands that our clients may need investment solutions out of their employer retirement plan. When requested by an individual or discovered to be appropriate through a needs analysis, the professionals of GUS BATES can offer additional solutions to help ensure that our clients are financially prepared for the future.

Key offerings include:

  • Traditional IRA’s
  • Roth IRA’s
  • 529 College-savings plans
  • Individual/Joint Investment Accounts