Financial Services

Individual Life

GUS BATES has the resources and experience to find the appropriate solutions no matter what a client’s needs might be. Whether it is a personal need or a business need such as Buy-Sell (Business Continuation), Key Person, or Executive Bonus Arrangements, our team can provide consultation and product design to ensure the coverage put in place provides the protection and benefit desired. Term, permanent, or a combination can be used to reach clients’ desired goals allowing them to insure financial well-being for those they care about.

Individual Disability

Disability insurance offers income protection from an event that causes a person to lose the ability to earn a paycheck. GUS BATES Insurance & Investments can tailor coverage that protects against inflation, partial disability, slow to recover accounts, and many other risks so that our clients’ lifestyles are protected should they become unable to work. Our agents help clients obtain peace of mind by insuring them a tax-free monthly income that can be payable to retirement age.

Individual Long-Term Care

Smart financial planning includes the consideration of all potentially devastating events that could negatively impact one’s financial well-being. The cost of long-term care is staggering and is not fully covered by Medicare. Long-Term Care insurance offers the opportunity to insure against these costs. Available benefits include accident coverage, return of premium, and benefit periods from two years to the remainder of the insured’s life. This cam be done through traditional as well as hybrid (life insurance base) products. GUS BATES Insurance & Investments helps our clients plan ahead so that if they were ever to need assistance with the activities of daily living, they will have affordable access to care.

Medicare Planning

Sorting thru the Medicare alphabet soup can be difficult and challenging for most.  We can guide you thru the process of enrolling in Medicare and help you determine what other Medicare supplemental pieces are best for you making sure you avoid penalties and deadlines.  We represent most of the major insurance companies offering Medicare products which allows us to be knowledgeable on their advantages and disadvantages.

Wealth Management

There are many ways to invest for the future.  We tailor your investment program to ensure your financial goals and needs are met.  We offer investment management services including direct mutual funds, brokerage accounts, annuities, and fee based third party money management.